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Going Home

Going Home

Celebrity will do their best to make the end of your journey as enjoyable as the beginning. On the last day of your cruise, you will be given detailed instructions regarding customs and debarkation procedures.


Detailed instructions about clearing customs will be provided by the cruise director during the departing talk on the last day of your cruise. It is highly recommend you attend this important and informative talk. Below are some general guidelines to keep in mind as you shop in foreign ports.

US Customs Clearance

Keep receipts for gifts and purchases: U.S. residents visiting foreign ports for 48 hours or longer have a duty-free allowance of $400, and those 21 years or older may include one liter of liquor.

Guests calling in St. Thomas can return with $1200 in purchases (including not more than $400 in merchandise obtained elsewhere) and five liters of duty-free liquor (only one liter of which may be purchased outside the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix).


The cruise staff will give you instructions about disembarkation procedures and assist with any special arrangements. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Guests are disembarked by color codes according to flight departure times.
  • Time to disembark varies based on how long it takes the ship to clear customs.
  • Bags will be collected from outside your stateroom on the last night on board.
  • Make sure bags are properly tagged.
  • Keep a carry-on bag with things you'll need on the last night (clothes, medications, toiletries, etc.).

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