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Payment and Gratutities

Payment and Gratutities

For your convenience, details regarding payment and gratuities are provided below.


All Celebrity ships operate on a cashless system. For onboard purchases, you will be provided with a Seapass Account. This account can be validated with a Visa, MasterCard, Novus, or American Express card, or you may arrange to pay this account by cash or traveler's check. All onboard services and purchases may then be signed for and charged to your Seapass Account. At the end of your cruise, you will receive a completely itemized statement reflecting your charges.

Paying for Shore Excursions

Shore excursions booked on board the ship will be charged to your Seapass Account. To book shore excursions, contact the Shore Excursion Desk as soon as possible after boarding your ship, as space is limited. Shore excursions may also be booked through the Celebrity Network in your stateroom and charged to your Seapass Account.


For your convenience, we will automatically add gratuities for your restaurant and stateroom services to your onboard Seapass account on a daily basis in the following amounts, which may be adjusted at your discretion: $11.50 per person per day for guests in staterooms ($12.00 per person per day for guests in Concierge Class and AquaClass staterooms and $15.00 per person per day for guests in Suites). These service gratuities are based on the following recommended amounts:

Restaurant Service*
Per Person Per Day
Waiter $3.65
Assistant Waiter $2.10
Dining Room Management $1.00
Stateroom Service* Per Person Per Day
Butler (Suites Only) $3.50
Stateroom Service  $3.50 ($4.00 for Concierge Class and AquaClass staterooms)
Alternative Service*  
Other Service Personnel $1.25

Beverage Service personnel are acknowledged with a 15% service charge which will be automatically added to the bill.

*Please note that gratuities may be shared with other crew members depending on the particular service requirement.

Currency Requirements

Only U.S. currency is accepted aboard the ships, and personal checks are not accepted. Credit cards can be used to secure cash by using the ATM located near the casino onboard.

Currency exchange services are available onboard at the Guest Relations Desk. The shops, lounges, shore excursions, and AquaSpa operate on a cashless system; therefore you must use your Seapass Account when purchasing beverages and services throughout the ship.


An ATM is available on board all Celebrity ships. You may obtain cash by using your MasterCard, VISA or American Express card, or you may use a bank card belonging to systems such as Cirrus-Plus, Honors, Shazam, Alert, Yankee 24, Pulse, ATH, NYCE, MAC, Magicline, Star System, Oath and Tyme.

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