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Pre/Post Cruise Extensions

Pre/Post Cruise Extensions

Start and end your cruise relaxed and refreshed

Pre and Post Cruise Extensions are a relatively inexpensive option that can prevent a lot of stress and aggravation, allowing you to start and end your cruise relaxed and refreshed. We recommend them primarily because they give you a ‘buffer’ before and after your cruise but they also allow you to spend time in port cities you would otherwise miss.

We believe you should always take the opportunity to arrive for your cruise the day or evening prior, especially if you’re taking an overnight or long distance flight. When traveling far it generally takes a couple of days to recover and by doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the first few days of your cruise relaxed and refreshed. Planning to get in the night before you cruise can also help during times with adverse weather conditions, when getting to your port early can make the difference between boarding your ship or missing it.

Arriving early allows you to relax, have a nice dinner and get a good night's sleep. Then you can leisurely get up the next morning and make your way to the ship. And we recommend the same scenario after you cruise, so you can casually disembark and relax at a hotel instead of hassling to get to the airport to catch a flight. Why not give yourself a day or two to explore one final city? Then finally after a nice dinner and some good rest you can catch a late morning or mid-day flight home and not feel the heavy exhaustion that comes from a full day of traveling.

Pre and Post Cruise Hotel Stays do not have to be very expensive but have the potential of making all the difference to your vacation. We think they are absolutely worth it and are happy to suggest some of our favorite hotels!

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