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Staying In Touch

Staying In Touch

Getting away from it all doesn't mean being out of touch. Share the experience of your Celebrity cruise with friends and family by internet, phone, fax, or mail.


Internet access is available in the Internet Café 24 hours a day until debarkation is completed. Internet minutes are available at 5 different rates:

  • $0.65cents a minute with no package.
  • $40 for 75 minutes
  • $60 for 125 minutes
  • $80 for 185 minutes
  • $100 for 260 minutes

Cell Phone

Celebrity Cruises, through an agreement with Cingular Wireless Maritime Service, proudly offers an advanced roaming network onboard all Celebrity Cruises ships allowing you to make and receive calls while at sea using your own mobile phone and telephone number. To stay connected while at sea, remember to pack your phone charger.

Cingular Wireless Maritime Service will be available for use when the ship is in international waters. When you are at sea, you will know you can use Cingular Wireless Maritime Service when your mobile display indicates that you are roaming on "AT&T Wireless". Charges will be conveniently billed to you by your home network.

For questions about your service or about billing, please contact your home network customer service.

Sending and Receiving Mail

You'll be able to mail postcards and letters from our various ports of call. The Guest Relations Desk on board can tell you how and when to post mail during your cruise. Remember, in most cases, you will probably get home before your mail arrives. If incoming mail is received in port, it will be delivered to your stateroom as soon as possible.

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